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— Aquobex —

Standing Out to Beat the Floods

A specialist flood management consultancy called on The Engine Room to help them bring clarity to their huge range of products and services.

The Challenge

Revetment was a specialist flood protection company offering a range of solutions for critical infrastructure, the government, heritage sites, commercial and residential property.

Revetment approached The Engine Room because their brand and entire company image was dated and they needed to move the business forward with strategic marketing plans. Demanding a more user-centred approach, their services required a new structure that would allow customers to find what they were looking for quickly and easily.

The Difference

The Engine Room arranged a workshop to discuss a name change and new direction in product architecture. Revetment had developed a wide range of services depending on the needs of the client, so a new hierarchy and segmentation of products and services was established.

The brand was transformed into ‘Aquobex’, alongside a new identity with a ‘digital map’ imagery concept applied across all touchpoints, web and marketing materials. The Aquobex brand now stands out distinctively in front of its competitors, almost all of which feature a blue colour palette and design.

Web traffic doubled across the first year
Chosen over competitors for a TV 'expert' appearance
Improved Product Structure

The Returns

  • Aquobex managers are now able to run ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions with effective material provided by The Engine Room.
  • The website has doubled its traffic in 2014 compared to 2013.
  • The brand is making an impact in the market with the progression of the Aquobex Flood Resilient Property™ at BRE Innovation Park, having recently won a £50K grant from Defra. The Engine Room is forming a marketing plan to increase awareness and gain more funding.
  • The managing director has recently made appearances on Sky News offering flood expertise and advice on the current UK events.

"We are really pleased with our new brand image that was developed by The Engine Room. The process itself was fun, educational and above all else professional. I believe we now have a brand that will enable Aquobex to stand out in the crowd and help us deliver a first-class solution to our customers that matches the new design - dynamic and responsive."

John Alexander. MD