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— Campus Life —

Life Through a Lens

A media company with a niche for student-focused communication ditched their wider roots to focus on their core specialism, with fantastic results.


West Park Media was an online media and communications agency needing to market itself proactively in order to grow. Requiring a complete refresh of the company, it was important to establish a new identity and extensive rollout of brand touchpoints and communication tools.

Specialising in a very unique and defined sector, the company had the potential to become sole market leaders, using a consistent message and professional tone of voice.


Insight and support from The Engine Room determined a need for West Park Media to broaden their reach in a more profitable sector. Having already gained a foothold with a handful of their clients, we began repositioning the brand to target universities and Higher Education institutions. Appropriately renamed ‘Campuslife’, a new visual identity took the ‘translation’ message literally, with speech bubbles representing two different voices conversing.

Simple, yet compelling, the new statement ‘Get It Across’ underpinned what Campuslife does and positioned them as individual communication experts for their specialised target audience. The new brand was applied across the business including brochures, DVD mailers, web and promotional merchandise, alongside a customer journey developed by The Engine Room. A huge part of their overall business model, it has completed transformed the way they now work with clients.


Within the first year of the rebrand, Campuslife had the correct resources, a stronger sense of brand and the design opportunity to launch a new product. ‘Browzer’ is a market-leading online platform developed by The Engine Room, for HE and FE to buy into and subscribe to on behalf of their student audiences. The name, identity and visual language supported Campuslife in educating their target markets on the advantages of the new service. Increasing overall brand awareness, an online portal, marketing materials and user app were created incorporating the new brand.


  • Campuslife’s sales revenue was up by 180% in 2012, compared to the previous year pre-rebrand.
  • Total turnover grew by 26.8% in 2012, compared to the previous year pre-rebrand.
  • Within the first two months after the rebrand, Campuslife’s client list increased by 16% (collecting nine new accounts) and had they already gained an ROI of 70%.
  • Browzer generated an outstanding number of orders in its first three months of the launch.
  • Inbound enquiries increased by 50% (via email and telephone) in the first 12 months post-rebrand.
  • In 2015, Campuslife were acquired by the market leaders in student broadband. See more here

“I believe in our rebrand and when I meet new clients I now feel proud to introduce them to who Campuslife are. We have been able to sell more products into universities as the look, feel and approach of the new brand showcases our expertise and presents it in a professional and trustworthy way.”

Tom White, Executive Director at Campuslife