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— Lawson Thinking —

Business Not As Usual

Brian Lawson, a thought-leader in system design, leadership, change and conflict, needed a brand to represent his first-class service and experience.

The Challenge

Consilient Consulting offers a unique approach to system design projects with unrivalled facilitation skills and sustainable transformational change processes. The company's founder and owner, Brian Lawson, felt the company could be working more ambitiously with bigger organisations and potentially on an international scale. He also wanted to create exposure about his breadth of experience in the sector, alongside a unique portfolio of skills and new approaches. 

In the past, Brian had positioned the business at a corporate level to make the company appear much bigger than it was. He came to The Engine Room to work on defining a USP for his offer and re-defining Consilient’s brand and values. 

The Difference

The current brand was confusing and out-dated and the website was never used to drive traffic. The company needed to attract people to a website where they could tell stories based on experience and, in turn, attract a like-minded set of clients through ever-growing online connections.

A core team at The Engine Room worked to strip the brand back to its roots: Brian and his specialised commercial offering. The space in which Consilient operated was complex change and businesses transition, risk and resilience projects and system design. Brian’s reputation was world-class. The job to be done by The Engine Room was to position his offering as second-to-none.

Following an in-depth insight process involving workshops, stakeholder and competitor research and value development, we identified that Brian’s skill and personality was actually Consilient’s unique selling point and what clients were buying into. We also recognised that the business growth would come from revenue or an associate model rather than increasing the workforce.

Consilient was re-named ‘Lawson Thinking’ because that’s exactly what the business offered. As part of the re-brand, we developed a new identity, website, marketing material, literature and five promotional videos. The Engine Room was also able to develop a smart and authoritative digital strategy to help Brian Lawson tell compelling stories about his skills and experience.

The Returns

  • Since rebranding and stripping the offering back down to its roots, Brian has been able to increase his day rates.
  • Lawson Thinking has entered new markets in new countries.
  • Lawson Thinking has been positioned as the consultancy of choice for its field. 
  • Online communications have increased dramatically; Brian now has an appropriate platform for key messages and stories.

"People now can see that we are an up to date, reputable business and we may have even earned some work after sharing our website with others as they have seen how great it is. The Engine Room specialise in being bespoke in every aspect of their work. They took great care and detail in understanding everything we were at the time and where we wanted to go. They delivered on every level."

Maisie Wragg, Business Manager.