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— Mach-Aire —

A Breath of Fresh Aire

Mach-Aire is an engineering company with over 20 years’ experience manufacturing fume cupboards, containment booths and clean rooms. As one of the first businesses in this sector in the UK, there was huge opportunity to become pioneers of the technology.

The Business Challenge

Facing stiff competition from Chinese imports, Mach-Aire needed to raise the bar by investing in the company brand to set the creative tone and direction for their product design strategy. Pushing their innovative capabilities, a clear proposition was needed to quickly grow their market share.

With no joined up approach to marketing, cross-selling of products was limited and potentially costing the business millions of pounds in sales. The company needed to improve their communications and sales process to globalise the business culture and break into more international markets. The further strengthening of their exports was critical.

The Difference

Insight Workshops

The Engine Room gained internal buy-in across the company by communicating why ‘brand’ is so important, engaging all staff in the changes. Workshops were held with representatives from every department to make it clear how they would fit into the overall ongoing brand process.

Key Findings

Mach-Aire needed to change their conversations in order to sell the added value of their products and services. Customers wanted more than just the products themselves.

Strategic Proposition

In order to provide a better service for their customers, their sales process had to be improved and messages needed to be clear. We re-focused Mach-Aire’s communications and generated a more sector-driven approach rather than a product-driven approach. A shift in the attitudes of staff also enhanced the experience for both the business and its customers.

Creative Proposition

We considered how Mach-Aire could reposition their product brochures and sales materials, designing their processes based around the needs of the industry. This is where ‘Innovairtion’ stepped in.

Better internal communication
Simplified product structure
Increased Sales to Existing Customers

The Returns

  • Strong credentials in every almost sector.
  • Improved approach and sales process for customers.
  • A new portfolio of case studies now receives the highest amount of web traffic after the homepage.
  • Internal workshops now run by the senior team.

"The rebrand has been a positive experience, not only differentiating us within the marketplace but supporting our long-term goal to change the perception of Mach-Aire. We are confident that this process will see us reclaim our position as 'innovairtors' within the industry. The support, passion and strategic insights provided throughout this experience by The Engine Room have given us the confidence that the new brand, combined with the changes to our internal sales processes, will reap rewards for Mach-Aire."

Clare Gregory, Marketing Manager