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— Pennine Playgrounds —

Just Imagine

Pennine Playgrounds, based in Silsden, Keighley, have over 20 years design and install experience of playground equipment. The company’s major strength is bespoke design-and-build projects for Schools and Councils.

The Challenge

With an industry perception that Pennine Playgrounds were just installers, the problem had arisen that their design credentials were not coming across as well as they wanted. The business wanted to reflect who they were ‘exciting, invigorating and challenging adventure playgrounds and educational school play areas.’

In need of a stronger emphasis of the credible design-and-build process during projects, including products, services and development, Pennine Playgrounds came to The Engine Room hoping to attract bigger customers and bring some serious added value to the company.

The Difference

The aim was to reposition Pennine Playgrounds as a design-led business that could manage the complete design and build process. Their market includes the following categories:
- Schools
- Local Authorities
- Contractors

The Engine Room’s key focus for Pennine Playgrounds was to create a brand to help them stand out from their competition and attract bigger customers.The Engine Room developed a full in depth customer journey, helping Pennine Playgrounds really think about how they communicate and how their positioning can be fine tuned and enhanced. This process also confirmed which brand ‘touch points’ were needed and how they should be delivered.

Pennine Playgrounds were given a new identity and brand concept ‘Just Imagine’ combined with an illustrative style to reflect the ideas and imagination that children naturally evoke when playing. What adults see as a plank of wood, children see as a pirate ship! We also helped the senior management team to understand their 'customer journey' process as a visual canvas for managing customer expectations, ensuring the brand experience matches the identity. 

The Returns

  • The Pennine Playgrounds project managed to add value and impact to the brand while really pushing the design-and-build concept onto new and existing customers.
  • The Engine Room provided design imagery and content support with the company’s website including updating the product catalogue and producing animation for the ‘Just Imagine’ branding concept.
  • A consistent logo and image identity was introduced for use on their van livery along with site uniforms which are worn by playground installers.
  • With an integrated identity and uniformed approach, the brand gave twice as much impact and helped the company to punch above it's weight in the sector to look much bigger and highly established.