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— Polyseam —

Intelligent Chemistry

Specialising in the development and manufacture of professional sealants, adhesives and fillers, Polyseam has been independently manufacturing first-class brands for the majority of the world's leading suppliers since 1993.

The Challenge

The company was at a point of growth and market opportunity. Having experienced a number of strategic changes in the business, including a successful acquisition by a Norwegian firm, the company was keen to address its identity to ensure it accurately reflected its current market positioning and ambition. 

In addition, the company had moved from being purely a manufacturer, to one that now produced and marketed its own product brands – GRAFT and Protecta - and it was important that the architecture and values across the brands were clear to both B2B and B2C audiences.

The Engine Room derived a brand architecture that enabled the Polyseam corporate brand to sit above and alongside the company’s own GRAFT and Protecta product brands, ensuring that each brand was distinct, unique and appropriate, whilst still working together effectively as a suite of brands.

As a starting point to the project, it was important for us to really get under the skin of the business and get to the root of the company’s difference and unique selling points.

We spent time observing end-users with products, talking to existing Polyseam customers, interviewing staff internally, testing products, understanding the R&D process and reviewing the competition. The results enabled to apply our design thinking to influence not only the visual strategy, but also the business and product development strategy. A truly rewarding project.

The Difference

We updated the Polyseam identity and applied the ‘Intelligent Chemistry’ line that captures the essence of their manufacturing excellence and is relevant to all of their manufactured products. The cartridges, website, sales materials, data sheets and brochures were translated into four different languages for use across Europe and sales teams given new tools to enhance their pitch.

Both GRAFT and Protecta identities were developed.

The Returns

  • Export sales increased from 20% to 60%

"We feel that working with The Engine Room has put us in a position of real strength in the marketplace. They turned our original brief to them on its head and we have subsequently launched a new brand into the marketplace that has changed the face of the industry and repositioned our business with brand stand-out and gravitas."

Dave Oram, Marketing Manager