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— Relative Accountancy —

If the Hat Fits...

This accountancy practice adopts a very different approach to most. We gave them an identity to match their ambition.

The Challenge

As a start-up business, Relative was keen to take a different approach to accountancy compared to the traditional route. A consultancy-led process fitted with its strategic vision, and the directors were in search of a brand proposition that would clearly reflect that. The management team at Relative are creative by nature and wanted to target the creative industries. With such a specific target market identified, The Engine Room was appointed to deliver a defined and appropriate brand identity.

The Difference

The concept for Relative was structured around the different types of 'hats' that need to be worn whilst running a business. By exploring these different perspectives, we built the service structure for Relative:

The Investigator - examining and understanding a client's business.

The Explorer - Visioning and putting a strategic plan in place.

The Captain - offering cloud-based accountancy and next generation software.

The Bean Counter - covering compliance and legal obligations.

Comprising these elements, The Engine Room created the new identity, designed and built a responsive website and developed stationery, report covers and promotional material. 

The Results

  • Relative was unveiled with a 'bang' at a launch party where the directors received endless positive feedback about the new venture and the new brand. 
  • The website collected new business within the first two weeks of being 'live'.

"We’re energised and raring to go now. We had a phone call from a telemarketer who said he looks at thousands of accountants websites and ours was fabulous and by far the best he’s ever seen! Praise indeed for you guys."

Sharon Munt, Director