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— Sandwich King —

One Brand to Rule Them All

How could this family-owned sandwich business take on the corporate market leaders whilst staying true to its roots?

The Challenge

Sandwich King already had an admirable reputation as a food supplier to multiple industries including schools, universities, food distribution and retail. The brand and its communications were insufficient for the ever-growing and highly competitive market in which they operated, with the existing identity making them look dated and the product packaging not being coherent with the brand.

Sandwich King management and staff believed they had some of the best products and services on the market, and wanted a brand to accurately reflect that, in turn helping them attract larger customers and more credible long-term contracts.

The Difference

Working with the directors and sales team at Sandwich King to pinpoint their business vision, The Engine Room delved into internal and external operations in order to create a brand positioning tailored to the service they offer. After experimenting with a number of different routes for the brand identity, we formed an influential and unique style that spanned web, delivery vans, packaging, point of sale, email, folders, leaflets, business cards and stationery.

A storyboard was developed telling the tale of the MD’s journey through growing and owning his own food empire as the Sandwich King. The new website was built alongside a stop-motion animation for use during sales pitches, presentations, online and at Sandwich King HQ. A brand new portfolio of images was photographed, in-house by The Engine Room, using various ingredients arranged in different scenarios.

The ‘King’ concept was widely embraced by management and staff, being emphasised on sales materials, across all marketing touch points and on the website, with light-hearted and amusing ‘royal’ language and imagery. Staff and delivery drivers were given uniforms for the first time, boosting internal morale and improving professionalism.

The end of 2015 saw us create and launch a new generation of packaging and website for Sandwich King. Their newly enhanced range has been renamed and redesigned to maximise shelf presence and strengthen their overall offering. 

The Returns

  • In just the first week of sending out sales materials with the new branding, Sandwich King secured six new client meetings in their main target sector.
  • Now an approved NHS supplier for the second time, Sandwich King secured more sales turnover within the first three months of the new brand launching than they did with their first entire NHS contract.
  • Web traffic has grown month-on-month since the launch of the new website, with new monthly enquiries.

"We could not have foreseen the impact that a strong product brand could have on our markets. After just a few weeks we are seeing returns on our investment that outstrip our previous results."

John Hirst, MD.