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— Voice —

Let's Talk Finance

Facing a highly saturated 'me-too' sector, Kathryn Lambert was looking to stand out from the rest and create a trustworthy respectable image.

The Challenge

Experienced bank manager, Kathryn Lambert, approached The Engine Room when making the move to an independent financial advisor. She was looking to set up her new venture with the support of a strong brand, name and offering for her place in the market. Kathryn was concerned that this sector was a saturated one, so as a team we knew we needed to work at a unique proposition for her to effectively enter at this level.

The financial sector is very ‘me-too’. Our main challenge was to give Kathryn a brand that would stand out, build interest and influence potential customers to chose her as a trusted financial partner over others. Kathryn is very experienced in number of diverse financial areas, and wanted to get across particular services, which she would focus on as an offering. Not quite sure where to start, she came to us as the very early stages of business development, before she had even registered as a company.

The Difference

To pin point Kathryn’s areas of expertise, The Engine Room first worked on her overall long-term business goals and short-term objectives to develop a strategy towards building a business modal. As Kathryn was working independently and would be the sole face of the company, the focus was on her skills, personality, experience and work ethic. We wanted all of this to come out in the brand.

From insight stage we worked with Kathryn to develop her service structure, target markets and overall offering. The company’s proposition was to offer a bridge of support between a business and their bank, improving the relationship and taking away the stresses of compulsory admin and financial jargon. Kathryn would step in as a ‘middle man’, a trusted partner and a stepping-stone to improved financial status.

The business name needed to reflect Kathryn as a person as well as what she did day-to-day. We felt that ‘Voice’ encompassed not only Kathryn’s personal expertise, but also the unspoken words needed between an SME and their bank manager. The service areas were structured accordingly to the needs of the sector, giving audiences easy access in a simple, clear, non-intimidating language. The Engine Room designed and built a new website and developed new copy before rolling Voice out onto business stationary and other online materials and Kathryn now has a strong credible branded platform for her to start building her reputation and collecting essential contacts.