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— We do —

Do You Know What Happened to Open Art? We do.

‘Open Art’, was a charitable organisation providing professional development and management of collaborations between artists, creative people, public, private and third sector organisations and the general public.

The Challenge

Working in this range of sectors and supporting diverse businesses and institutions, Open Art wanted to expand and deliver its message further.

The name ‘Open Art’ did not reflect the extensive work that the charity was capable of. As a result, the company needed to showcase the multitude of projects and programs they offer without confusing different audiences. A straight-talking, simple approach was required… with a little extra creativity in mind.

The Difference

After working closely with management team on the progression of their business vision, the decision to pursue a name change was a unanimous decision.

However, this was only part of the process. It became apparent that the team were really struggling to communicate what they did as the range of who they worked with and what they 'did' was vast. Through a series of workshops and discussions we uncovered the 'process' of what Open Art did. This helped to change the conversation with clients and potential customers, clarifying in detail what Open Art were good at. This also fuelled the creative approach for the refreshed identity for Open Art to the new brand of ‘We do.’ 

A simple messaging structure was developed that help to tell the story of what We do did. This was applied to marketing materials, brochures and a refreshed website that spoke to their multiple audiences. This was bound in a bright, colourful identity palette across the brand which inspired imaginations and brought life to the organisation.

The Results

  • We do is expanding its programs and now have over 2,000 members.
  • The company are looking to increase their funding and are developing new ways in which to involve new partners, so that the initiatives set up by We do can provide the best possible service and experience.