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Manufacturing and Creative Industries are a Winning Combination

As we continue to hear reports on the growth of the UK’s manufacturing sector, as well as the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Maria Miller announcing that “the creative industries consistently punch well above their weight and are a powerhouse within the UK economy”, we are finding transformational change can be brought about when the two sectors combine forces. Recently working with two Yorkshire manufacturers - Huddersfield-based sealant and adhesive manufacturer ‘Polyseam’, and Leeds-based ‘Sandwich King’- both companies are already facing considerable opportunities to grow market share and enter new markets.

Sealant and adhesive manufacturer Polyseam have developed their own-branded product range 'GRAFT', while working closely with us on their marketing, brand and portfolio offering, which has not only changed the face of their business, but also their industry, and opened up international channels that are already reaping rewards.

Manufacturers might be missing a trick if only producing unbranded goods to brands further up the supply chain. Whilst this has historically been the mainstay of most UK manufacturing business, more and more are now taking the step into developing their own brands, instantly offering the potential to increase margins. Yes, this means these manufacturers need to think differently about their routes to market and it requires investment in design, but the results for the businesses we’re working with are showing a multi-fold return on investment.

John Hirst, managing director at Sandwich King says, “We could not have foreseen the impact that a strong product brand could have on our markets. After just a few weeks we are seeing returns on our investment that outstrip our previous results and the new brand materials have already helped us to secure six new client meetings in our main target sector within a week of them launching.“

After our growth period during 2012-2013, positive outcomes have since started to present themselves. We have now won our second internationally renowned UK design award, three new client contracts and have taken on an additional two staff in 2014. We will be running workshops through 2014, aimed specifically at manufacturers looking to enter the brand space. For more information contact Nikki at or call 01484 483087.