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Difference By Design: One Brand, One Million Euros

A new brand developed by Huddersfield design agency The Engine Room has proved a global success, beating hundreds of cities from twenty six nations in an innovative problem-solving competition.

Kirklees Council has developed a new programme that promises to transform the way in which communities share and access resources. Originally labelled ‘Kirklees Shares’, the initiative addresses the challenges faced by cities today and a potential need to tap into masses of unused resources. 

Kirklees decided to enter the 2014 Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge to gain access to vital funding that would make their concept a reality. Ex-Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, was offering four prizes of 1million Euro and one prize of 5million Euro to cities across the globe. Open worldwide to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life, the winners would receive the prize money to implement their unique idea.

With this groundbreaking idea in place, Kirklees just needed the tools to showcase it clearly to key audiences and influencers as a credible brand. The Engine Room supported the development of the bid from the early stages and created an original concept name, identity, bid design and layout, full copy and visual communication tools. The new name, ‘Comoodle’, was devised from ‘A caboodle of stuff, space and skills’ which explained the potentially complex concept to diverse audiences and end users. The new identity and bid design created by the agency was used to clearly illustrate how and why the idea would work, using connected illustrations and imagery used to represent the sharing and collaboration concept.

Not only did The Engine Room create the brand and concept style, they also played a key part in wording and layouts for the submission, presenting the document in landscape, which proved to be a small but key differentiator.

More than 150 cities from 28 nations entered the 2014 Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge. Kirklees and Comoodle was the only UK entrant to be placed in the top five.

Comoodle won 1million Euros in funding. The new brand and bid documentation beat larger cities across the globe such as the Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Madrid. The programme will be rolled out in spring 2015 and has already been adopted as a ‘Googling’ verb among the team, audiences and other departments across the council.

Duggs Carre, Comoodle Project Leader said, “We came to The Engine Room as we knew they were the brand experts. We tasked them with fresh and innovative thinking for the project, which is exactly what they delivered.”

“The team developed ideas for the bid that not only helped us stand head and shoulders above other submissions in the competition, but also helped us to translate key messages across to our audiences. The Engine Room addressed content, design, layout and messaging in a way that we could not. Audiences have already adopted the new brand name as a ‘Google’ turn of phrase; ‘Let’s Comoodle it!’ which has instantly helped turn the concept into reality.”

Lesley Gulliver, Brand Strategy Director at The Engine Room said “This project is about making a difference for the public good. We can’t wait to see Comoodle coming to life and working for the people of Kirklees. We had a matter of days to develop a name, a brand and a design for the bid. It was all hands on deck at The Engine Room, but it was worth it. We’re proud to be associated with such a successful project, and it highlights how design and effective copywriting can create real differentiation and a return on investment – in this case €1million!”

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