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The Power of the Written Word

Every brand needs beautiful body. Not the Marilyn Monroe kind, the written kind. Unleashing the potential that lies within your brand, the right body of words is essential in finding and retaining customers. Just as effective design brings unlimited benefits to brand, effective copywriting can do just the same, if not more. 

Lost for words? Here are five benefits that beautiful copy can bring to your brand…

1. Obsessive composure
Clear and concise copywriting brings organisation to a complex business. Refine and segment your message by its strengths and deliver the information succinctly. If your message isn’t clear, it simply won’t get read.

2. Move your audience
Not physically, emotionally. Romance your customers with a narrative that enchants them and inspires them to relate to your brand. Choosing the right words will let your customers know you’re on the same page and you share their values.

3. Convey crystal clear benefits
Grab the attention of your audience by laying out the many ways in which your brand can benefit them. Relevant vocabulary will convey your message quickly and meaningfully. Capiche?

4. Time is money
You are not a time traveller. Why waste resources pretending to be the next Shakespeare when you can hand it over to someone with a passion for the written word? Get an experienced copywriter to build a powerful message with substance, while you focus on running your business.

5. March to the beat of a different drummer
You don’t have to be a complete freak of nature – although it might help. Being different from the competition is what gives you your edge. Find out what you have that others don’t and run with it.

It might sound a novel idea but, like any good book, if the words are right you can’t put it down. Blanket your customers in the warmth of your brand’s story and unfold the many benefits of it in front of them. Don’t take our word for it; the proof is in the print.

By Sarah Hurtley, Copywriter & Art Director at The Engine Room.