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  • Universities Design Their Way Forward

    There’s no question that UK universities are under increasing pressure to innovate in order to stay ahead. Demographic changes, fluctuating market conditions and depleting funding are placing conventional university models under pressure. Finding new streams of revenue is becoming critical, in order to combat these pressures and to sustain growth.

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  • Why Can't We Get Good Service Right?

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but what is it about UK service delivery that just seems to miss the mark? After a recent experience, when my (seemingly modern) boiler broke down, my family was without hot water for over a week. 

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  • Be An Exhibitionist

    With Manufactured Yorkshire just around the corner, our brand manager, Nikki Taylor, gives her top five tips for making the most of your time at conferences, exhibitions and events.

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  • Manufactured Yorkshire 2016

    The Engine Room will be holding a brand presentation on how manufacturers are overcoming challenges simply by using innovative design thinking techniques to transform their businesses.

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  • An Effectiveness Hattrick

    The Design Effectiveness Awards are a true benchmark for us as an agency. We have proved that with a clear strategic brand message, an idea, or indeed a business, we can deliver outstanding returns. In this instance; one million Euros from an investment of just £5k and a third trophy for our shelf.

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  • The Power of the Written Word

    Just as effective design brings unlimited benefits to brand, effective copy can do just the same, if not more. Our copywriter, Sarah, explains how. 

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  • Rebranding Christmas

    It's the most wonderful time of the year... but there are some things we'd all like to change about Christmas.

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  • Agency of Choice for Manufacturers

    This Engine Room is delighted to announce that we have recently secured contracts with three hugely successful Yorkshire manufacturers. 

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