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The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognise the return on investment that a coherent, well-thought-out and professionally executed design strategy can achieve. The awards are rigorously judged by business leaders based on the returns generated rather than just solely on style, look and feel. The success is shared between the winning agency and client in the form of a dual award. The Engine Room are committed to best practice design in business.

We are proud of our five Design Effectiveness Awards including the 2017 Grand Prix award. They are testament to our commitment to instil design at the heart of business. The Design Business Association champions the role of effective design in the creation of business growth.

2017. Grand Prix Winners. Graft Brand.

2017. Gold Award. Graft Brand.

2016. Bronze Award. Comoodle

2014. Bronze Award. Xercise4less

2013. Silver Award. Balance Accountants.

Design Effectiveness Awards
  • “Aside from the significant business growth statistics, the rebrand of Multipanel and its impact has been a stimulus for significant positive change for Grant Westfield. It has led to a level of confidence for the company in terms of both our strategic investment programme and our recruitment of more than 16 additional staff.”

    Sarah McLean, Managing Director, Grant Westfield