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A note on ‘free’ pitching.
We won’t do it.

Imagine that you are building a house. You set an initial brief and then ask three builders to develop their ideas and then build the house of your dreams so you can see their approach. You then get to pick the best house; and all before you’ve even spent anything.

It wouldn’t happen.

So why do some businesses still think it ok to invite design agencies to pitch creative work for free, so they can then pick the best ideas.

If you do this, you are wasting your time and money.

In order to deliver value to your investment, the agency has to scope the approach, get stakeholder buy in, carry out research, interview customers and staff, scrutinise competitors and ideate on a strategy from which the final creative solution is developed. Above all, don't forget the importance of chemistry and building a mutually beneficial working relationship. 

Why would an agency do all this ‘for free’ in the hope of a percentage chance of winning a ‘pitch’?

In our opinion, the best results come from the best preparation.

Rather than asking for creative ideas. Ask for the agency’s credentials and for examples of how they have met similar strategic challenges. Get them to talk about their process and how they’ll deliver results and a return on your investment. More importantly, get a feel for what it would be like for you to work with them.

When you’ve reviewed a selection of agencies in this manner. You’ll feel better prepared to make a decision for your business.

Trust us. It will deliver better results.

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