Rebrand for a Manufacturer

Unlocking the hidden value.
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Brand Project Overview
A leading supplier worldwide...
Atritor provides bespoke milling, drying and waste separation equipment for the food, minerals, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Formed in 1980 when Sebastian Rosin purchased the business from Albert Herbert, the organisation actually has a 90-year heritage. This rebrand for a manufacturer saw them reposition in order to attract a different market sector.
  • Key Business Challenges
    Entering the food and pharmaceutical processing sector is tricky when you are positioned as heavy industry.
    How might they position in the ‘clean’ markets?
  • Key Business Challenges
    An identity that had not kept pace with the company’s innovative technology. They didn’t look or sound like problem solvers.
    How could we align their identity and showcase their value?
  • Key Business Challenges
    A hidden process that can add huge value
    to customer’s products.
    How might they tell this story?
Brand process
All 40 members of staff consulted across UK 10 customer insight interviews
  • Workshops with board, senior management team
  • Detailed competitor review
  • Redefined purpose, principles and personality and proposition
Brand Strategy
Engineered Alchemy -
thriving on process challenges
Grey top bars
Onsite graphics
Brand Identity
  • A revised visual identity and logo inspired by 'process'
  • Visualisation of key Atritor differences to aid the sales process.
  • A new website that focuses on customer’s materials challenges using a diagnostic tool.
  • Creation of a 1-minute positioning video outlining how Atritor can help.

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