Changing the face of cancer.


Positioning the global leader in scalp cooling.

The Business Challenge.

Paxman Coolers approached The Engine Room to help them define and refine their proposition in the internationalisation of the brand. They needed support to continue their objective of becoming the scalp cooling brand of choice across the globe.

With over 15 years’ experience in their field, Paxman is the leading expert in scalp cooling for cancer chemotherapy patients. The team’s aim is to establish the company name as being synonymous with hair loss prevention throughout the world and to give cancer patients access to scalp cooling treatment, no matter where they are based.

The Engine Room first worked with Paxman on a video profiling project at the beginning of the year. The company then approached us to help them bring clarity to their proposition in the internationalisation of the brand, and to continue their objective of becoming the scalp cooling brand of choice across the globe. This was the first stage in the development of a strategic marketing plan that will be implemented during 2016. Paxman wanted to improve its communications with all audiences including the public at large. Increasing brand awareness was the top priority, along with expanding their reach into new and key markets. With partners and distributors globally, The Engine Room had to carefully consider brand touch points, sales materials and medical and technical literature. These would eventually be internationalised and used across multiple applications.

The Difference.

The Engine Room worked closely with the management team at Paxman and undertook a thorough insight process, mapping out their objectives for the brand in the short-term as well as overarching business targets for the long-term.

Paxman has such a fantastic product, offering, service and dedicated team. Their culture, alongside their unique story and humble motives for their work was something we wanted to extract in the new brand. Having previously supported the company on profiling their history and business as a whole, The Engine Room now wanted to give Paxman a brand that would effectively convey the exceptional quality of their work, products and people, something that would position them at the very top of their market.

The rebranding process involved a number of different routes and concepts. With a sensitive and rather complex subject, research and trailing of some concepts was required, as well as translation checks. We spent a lot of time with the team at Paxman, speaking to their distributors and scientists involved in the product development and, more importantly, the end users.

Paxman was keen to expand its profile reach overseas, in the US in particular, where trials were beginning towards attaining FDA approval. At such a crucial time for the company, Paxman needed a brand that would resonate with US stakeholders, help to build a trusted connection with new markets and convey complete professionalism.

The chosen concept focused on the temperature element of the scalp cooling process, using a ‘degree’ symbol as the base for the visual communication. We then linked this to the end result of the whole process; giving patients a ‘degree’ of privacy, control, difference, or whatever was relevant to them whilst undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The patients were a huge focus during brand building, ensuring our communication strategies could create connections online through social media channels. We rolled out new clinical and technical documents before re-writing and redesigning the patient brochures and sales literature.

Another huge part of the project was video case studies. We met with patients who had undergone scalp cooling and were willing to share their success stories for the benefit of others. We developed the videos with individual compelling interviews, storyboards and testimonial scripts.

The Returns.

We completed the rebrand of this business in 2015 and Paxman has since achieved the following business upturn results:

  • The new Paxman brand, communication literature, clinical documentation and website was fantastically received by stakeholders across the spectrum, from patients and end users to hospitals and global partners.
  • International distributors were delighted; they felt confident with the new sales literature and were very impressed with the brand’s stature in its entirety.
  • US growth rate for Paxman between 2017-2018 is 465% (compared to estimated total global market growth rate of 120%).
  • US turnover has increased from £0 in 2015 to £1,047,788 in 2018.
  • Global turnover has increased from £1,891,514 in 2015 to £3,463,022 in 2018 (to end September).
  • Awareness of scalp cooling has increased from an estimated 9% to 25%.
  • Return on design investment in relation to total turnover growth 35:1.
  • US export return on design investment 23:1.
  • The new website pulled in thousands of visitors in the first two months of launching.
  • Social media and online community engagement is at an all-time high, giving Paxman a further platform to interact with end users and increase the overall awareness of scalp cooling for patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • The new ‘Chasing Zero Hair Loss’ campaign, launched at the same time as the brand, was circulated across multiple international medical, healthcare and news publications including in Australia.

“We were very impressed with the way The Engine Room presented, but most importantly how they interpreted our needs.”

Richard Paxman, CEO.