Hardworking products for hardworking people.


Turning a manufacturer into a brand house.

The Business Challenge.

Gold and Grand Prix Winner of the
Design Effectiveness Awards 2017.
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Polyseam is a UK-leading manufacturer of own-brand sealants, adhesives and fillers. With a game-changing product to launch, they approached The Engine Room for a brand strategy and identity that would enable them to maximise their market opportunity.

With manufacturing being taken in-house by their customers, Polyseam’s business was in decline. In order to survive and grow, they needed to think differently about their revenue model.

Polyseam developed a new product named ‘IPT’, an adhesive and sealant in one that had the potential to create a completely new category in the market. The company was also keen to develop their own brand before launching their new technology.

The Difference.


Insight Workshops

Conducting in-depth, user-centred research, The Engine Room spoke to DIY and professional users about their product requirements, analysing their product selections in store and even filming them using the products. We undertook an intensive analysis of the sealant and adhesive marketplace and were met with a level of brand complexity, confusion and ‘clutter’ within the sector.

Key Findings

Tradesmen wouldn’t trust an all in one adhesive and sealant because they thought it meant a compromise on quality. With shelves stacked with ‘me-too’ brands all fighting for attention, there was a need to do something different in the market.

Strategic Proposition

There was a clear opportunity to change the face of the sector and create a transformational brand, whilst communicating simply, clearly and impactfully. IPT didn’t work as a brand name; we saw this as a technology brand, so the name had to reflect the product.

With such impressive credentials in product manufacturing, The Engine Room recommended optimising Polyseam’s entire range of own product brands to remove the risk of just re-branding IPT. This played to Polyseam’s strengths, expertise and capabilities, whilst increasing revenue and market share opportunity significantly.

Creative Proposition

The design was created to reflect the character of the sector, through its positioning statement: ‘HARD WORKING PRODUCTS FOR HARD WORKING PEOPLE’. We named the product range GRAFT, which comprised a number of sealants, adhesives and related products. IPT was retained as the technology brand and given its own identity to ensure clarity and differentiation.

The GRAFT brand, product packaging, point-of-sale materials, websites and literature were designed and produced by The Engine Room across four different languages.

The Returns.

  • 22:1 revenue return on design investment

  • 17:1 export return on design investment

  • £1m increase in export sales

  • 744% uplift in products sales revenue

“The design insight and research carried out at the outset of this project led to a shift in strategy for Polyseam. We moved from being just a manufacturer, to a brand house, and have transformed the business.”

Kjetil Bogstad, CEO.