It’s Interventional.


Differentiation and confidence post management-buy-out.

Brand overhaul for medical device specialist.

The premise of UK Medical is quite simple – the selection and supply of clinically effective devices for the NHS and private healthcare sector. But deeply embedded within this forward-thinking organisation is a brand like no other within the medical environment.

In the face of varied economic pressures and entirely different business ownership, one thing has always remained a constant for the team – a commitment to ensuring their ethos and values drive everything.

The Business Challenge

Our relationship with UK Medical epitomises how we like to work with clients – whether we’re helping to steer an active project or working at arms’ length, the conversation surrounding brand remains ongoing.

Our collaborative journey began in 2006, when The Engine Room was appointed to undertake a strategic rebrand. The business was changing, as was the NHS, and the dated identity did not reflect the personality, credibility or influence of the organisation. It lacked stand-out presence in a marketplace crowded with somewhat ‘obvious’ clinical brands and failed to showcase the added value that the team delivers to the healthcare world.

“We appointed The Engine Room because they came across extremely well as a strategic brand consultancy. They clearly understood the importance of a personal approach, promoted collaboration from day one, and demonstrated a wealth of experience working with SMEs. They were exactly what we were looking for. There were around 10 people involved in the pitch process from our side, and the decision to work with The Engine Room was unanimous!”
Louise Aaron, Director, UK Medical

We developed a new brand for the business, and armed with a strong identity it grew quickly, reaching turnover of £12m. It attracted global attention and was subsequently bought by American healthcare giant CareFusion. The culture and values were not aligned – a problem compounded 18 months later when the corporation was acquired by an even bigger US entity. So, in 2017, the UK Medical team bought themselves back out. The need to reaffirm the strength of the brand was clear, and The Engine Room was the obvious partner.

The Difference.

Whilst the UK Medical team hadn’t become disconnected with the brand, it was important that colleagues stripped things right back to develop an even more acute customer focus before moving forwards. They needed to understand how the business had changed since the acquisitions, redefine what they were trying to do and for who, and remind themselves of the power of being different.

A series of strategic workshops therefore unfolded involving varied stakeholders, so that, together, we could uncover insight, map out customer journeys and start afresh. Then we got to work on the creative development of a completely new brand identity.

The authentic, caring side of the business was brought to the fore, defined perfectly with ‘It’s deep’ – an engrained ‘device, evidence, economic, pathway’ approach to passionately providing cost-effective devices that improve patient outcomes. This formed just one part of the ‘this is how we do business’ style manifestation, with cornerstones which would prove to not just be strategic visionary tools, but much-needed employee engagement mechanisms too, following a period of cultural disruption.

“Once again, The Engine Room did not disappoint. The new brand has undeniable punch. Our new colours have vibrant, stand-out presence, with the vivid pink and yellow now translating across everything. The new strapline – “It’s interventional” – provides a clever messaging platform that works incredibly well, emphasising that we’re here to build relationships and deliver solutions that make a difference, not just supply products. We’ve done so much with this language, and there’s still an unbelievable amount of potential which is brilliant, as we’ll never stand still.”

Louise Aaron, Director, UK Medical

The Results.

The Engine Room supported UK Medical with the development of an event to help relaunch the new-look company last year. We are therefore still in the early stages of the latest chapter of this story, but already the impact of the new brand is becoming clear.

“Organisations that think a brand is just a logo couldn’t be more wrong. It is everything – how you look, act, behave, make decisions, and so much more – and it needs to touch the entire workforce.

Following our successful brand roll out, we now have a strong, consistent tone of voice that filters through not just our creative communications, but even down to the tiny details, such as how we answer the phone. If inconsistencies start to creep in, everything would fall flat.

For me, this project has therefore been as much about refining our internal dialogue, as it has the persona we convey to the outside world. The people within the UK Medical team are the brand, and if we can ensure they buy in to everything as we would hope, then everything else will gradually fall into place, including our colleagues’ morale.

We can now compete with much bigger players within this vast market, and we have deserved conviction in our proposition when we do. The brand lies at the heart of this. It showcases our values, our personality and our service delivery. But it is constantly evolving. Healthcare doesn’t stand still, and neither do we.”

Louise Aaron, Director, UK Medical

“UK Medical is a joy to work with – Louise, Ian and the team truly understand the power of design thinking, and their attention to detail is undeniable. They completely subscribe to lifelong learning which shines through in the progressive nature of their entire organisation.”

Darren Evans, Design Director, The Engine Room

“Once again, The Engine Room did not disappoint. The new brand has undeniable punch. ”

Louise Aaron, Director, UK Medical.