Home of Beautiful Interiors.


Moving a trade manufacturer to a high-end consumer-facing brand.

The Business Challenge.

Multipanel, an alternative to tiling without the need for grout, needed a new elevated brand to not only stand out as a leading enviable product, but also literally stand out on the counter, online, and retail environments.

Having worked with Grant Westfield on their overarching company brand and corporate positioning, the company looked to The Engine Room to work on their product brand, Multipanel. This consumer facing product brand was launched over ten years ago and is now the market leader in this multi-million pound growth sector providing quality alternative for tiling, walls, floors, ceilings and vanities. Multipanel’s core customer base ranged from domestic DIY consumers and tradesmen to the corporate sector including hotels and retail outlets.

Having grown rapidly over the years, the product naming conventions for their plethora of products was inconsistent and perhaps more trade-led than consumer-led, providing an opportunity to review, reshape and reposition in the market based on end-user expectations and needs. In addition, the company recognized the opportunity to strengthen and safeguard their market position by reviewing their wider brand and messaging.

Grant Westfield was struggling to position Multipanel as a market leader as the brand and its credentials were not strong enough to reflect the quality and expertise on offer. Multipanel needed impact, to not only stand out as a leading enviable product, but also literally stand out on the counter, online, in trade area and retail consumer environments. The company did not currently convey any of the quality that they knew were able to offer. Multipanel were looking to grow and build a high level of trust in their existing and new product ambassadors. They needed a brand to help them stand out as a well-established supplier, encouraging customers to hold high regard for not only their products, but also their services and experienced abilities as a team.

Multipanel logo versions

The Difference.

The Engine Room worked to review the brand root and branch, developing a stylish identity and positioning Multipanel as a luxurious brand and the home of beautiful interiors. The ‘Don’t tile it …Multipanel it!’ line conveys the product’s application simply and quickly further challenging and widening their competitive landscape.

The Engine Room worked with sales teams at Multipanel to carry out in-depth competitor and customer reviews and we spoke to and visited distributors at length. The trade aspect was also an important factor to consider when developing the positioning for the brand and product journey. Multipanel can be purchased by ordering samples on the website, visiting a showroom or buying over the trade counter.

Research revealed that a higher percentage of decision makers and direct buyers were homeowners visiting the showroom, and the majority of trade customers were purchasing based on reputation and value for money. The brand had to sit comfortably in an environment catering for both sides, with diverse applications and unique preferences. The brochure would have the influential job of selling the dream, in order to push the customer to the website to find and order samples with ease.

The new identity and its elements were developed from the unique and bespoke proposition of the products. The panels, which are a practical alternative to tiles, can be used on floors, ceilings, walls and vanities, are available in a wide range of materials, colours and sizes and can be applied in a multitude of settings. The connecting shapes represent the multiplicity and flexibility offered throughout the Multipanel portfolio, giving customers back the control and accessibility to create beautiful spaces without the need for additional applications.

Catering from budget and economy to hardwearing and practical, product ranges were renamed and placed accordingly under the overarching Multipanel brand. We created an entire product brochure, minimising ranges and sections into a concise format, saving not only money, but time for both salesmen and end-users. Brand roll out then included a new website, point of sale, CGI 3D image rendering for multiple applications and settings, vehicle livery, online templates and copywriting.

Multipanel logo

“Aside from the significant business growth statistics, the rebrand of Multipanel and its impact has been a stimulus for significant positive change for Grant Westfield. It has led to a level of confidence for the company in terms of both our strategic investment programme and our recruitment of more than 16 additional staff.”

Sarah McLean, Managing Director, Grant Westfield