One Idea, One million Euros.


Helping Kirklees Council win the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge.

The Business Challenge.

Kirklees Council developed an application to enter the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge. Working with The Engine Room helped them win a prize of 1 million Euros in funding in the world famous 2014 competition.

Kirklees Council had developed an inspiring idea to maximise government resources through a sharing economy that would help people to do more with less. Pooling assets from vehicles and venues to skills and expertise, they wanted to create an online platform to benefit the citizens in the local area. The idea had the potential to completely transform the way in which communities share and access resources, but they needed a proposition that would bring it to life.

Covering many complex issues, the concept had to be turned into something tangible and easily understood, and the application document had to be written and designed to compete with ideas from cities all over the world. Ex-Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, was offering four prizes of 1 million Euro and one prize of 5 million Euro for their unique ideas.

The Difference.

Insight Workshops

The Engine Room met with the policy team at Kirklees to fully understand the competition, the idea, how it would benefit users and what the judges were looking for.

Key Findings

With more than 150 cities from 28 nations entering the 2014 Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, we needed to support the development of the bid from the early stages.

Strategic Proposition

The original concept name, identity, bid design and layout, full copy and visual communication tools had to stand out among the competition, so the document was presented in landscape, which proved to be a small but key differentiator.

The new name, ‘Comoodle’, was devised from the word ‘caboodle.’ We felt that ‘A caboodle of stuff, space and skills’ explained the potentially complex concept to diverse audiences and end users.

Creative Proposition

The new identity and bid design clearly illustrated how and why their idea would work, using illustrations and imagery to represent the sharing concept. Comoodle was then launched to the public in February 2015 using an interactive walk-through tour. The Engine Room developed the idea for a tour passport, which acted as an invite and engaging communication tool during the event.

The Returns.

  • Kirklees Council and Comoodle won a 1 million Euro funding injection in the 2014 Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge.

  • The new brand and bid documentation beat larger cities from across the globe including Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Madrid.

  • The term ‘Comoodle’ has been adopted as a verb among the team, other departments across the council and in the local area.

  • This has in turn improved communication and relationships between the council and communities in Kirklees.

“We came to The Engine Room as we knew they were the brand experts. We tasked them with fresh and innovative thinking for the project, which is exactly what they delivered.”

Duggs Carre, Comoodle Project Leader.