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Grand Prix Winner

Turning an own-brand manufacturer into a brand house.

Polyseam is a UK-leading manufacturer of own-brand sealants, adhesives and fillers. With a game-changing product to launch, they approached The Engine Room for a brand strategy and identity that would enable them to maximise a market opportunity. Our Strategic brand for this manufacturer led to a period of rapid growth and a raft of industry awards.

dba design effectiveness award winner
  • Key challenges behind the change
    A manufacturer in decline due to customers taking their manufacturing in-house.
    How could they be re-position for growth?
  • Key challenges behind the change
    They created a game-changing product but were unsure how to position it to retailers
    How might we create a compelling proposition?
GRAFT Strategic brand for manufacturer
Our process of change
Spending time with DIY professionals
  • In-depth user-research and shadowing of industry professionals
  • Our design team spent time using the product themselves
  • Shadowing the Polyseam sales team
  • Store visits and buyer observation
  • We carried out a detailed competitor audit  
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Reframing the challenge with a clear proposition 
The change we created
Creation of a new product brand, ‘Graft’.
A strategic move away from creating own brand products to become a ‘brand-house’.
The Engine Room created the positioning for a new technology brand, IPT. This would lead to the creation of a brand new range of adhesives and sealants launched throughout Europe.
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GRAFT Strategic brand for manufacturer
GRAFT Strategic brand for manufacturer
The outcome of the change
GRAFT Strategic brand for manufacturer

Redefining the identity for a European disruptor.

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The evolving measurement of design effectiveness.

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