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Reliance Precision is a design, engineering and manufacturing firm with a long-established presence in sectors including aerospace defence, scientific instruments and space.
As the company name suggests, the team works to the highest degree of precision – with capabilities measure to 0.01 microns. A micron is one twenty-five thousandth of an inch.
  • Key Business Challenges
    Brand and proposition had not kept pace with the globally acclaimed positioning of this 100 year old family-owned firm.
    How might we increase their market share?
  • Key Business Challenges
    An opportunity to increase market share in existing and new markets
    How should they be positioned?
  • Key Business Challenges
    Over 100 printed touchpoints were visually inconsistent 
    How might we rationalise their communications?
  • Key Business Challenges
    A need to ensure absolute clarity of message to different audience groups
    How might we utilise brand architecture?
  • Key challenges behind the change
    An identity that hadn’t changed in 30 years with inconsistent application. Not representative of a ‘precision’ company.
    How might they realign this?
  • Key Business Challenges
    Increase market share in existing and new markets.
    How might they create clarity of message?
Reliance brand
Our process of change
Over 230 staff consulted 
across UK and Ireland
  • 20 customer insight interviews
  • Shadowing sales meetings
  • Workshops with board, senior management team
  • Detailed competitor review
  • Redefined purpose, principles and personality and proposition
Break the mould to find new ways
The Change
Defining a reframed proposition.
Simple but difficult - Reliance make the complex seem effortless.
The ‘Reliance book of principles’.
  • Modernising the Reliance Shield and visual identity including detailed guidelines and document templates to embed visual consistency.
  • Capturing values and behaviours - and embedding into the company’s HR approach and people development process.
  • Visualising an often ‘invisible’ design-for-manufacture process. Working with the in-house design team to embed design thinking processes.

Redefining the identity for a European disruptor.

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The evolving measurement of design effectiveness.

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