Brand Values

We believe your brand should be embedded in your people.

We are all in the business of people. Those you work with. And those you want to work with.

To retain and attract those people who are aligned with your brand, you need clarity of purpose, principles and personality - The essential elements of any successful brand.

Brand values are often written as single, generic words and miss the important behaviours, which is why we prefer to define principles.

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We facilitate teams to help them define their brand purpose, principles and personality. We’ll then support in embedding these throughout your organisation - creating absolute clarity and buy-in with your team.
Purpose, principles and personality
  • Define your brand purpose - the mission that drives you.
  • Align your team around shared brand principles - what you stand for and how you behave.
  • Visualise your principles to embed them into your business or organisation.
  • Define your business personality and tone of voice.
  • Case Study

    Redefining internal culture to influence external change

    The Engine Room’s work with outstanding further education provider Greenhead College, is the ultimate evidence that brand is about far more than just a logo. This brief didn’t involve any consideration of the external manifestations of the brand, but instead involved the whole workforce in the exploration of culture, to support the college’s bold vision for the future.
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    Can brand values influence company processes?

    We talk a lot about the business of brand and the commercial impact it can have - on everything from reputation and revenue, to culture and competitive advantage. But to what extent can it influence company systems?
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