Paxman Scalp Cooling Brand

Changing the face of cancer.
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Brand Project Overview
Over a period of 10 years we partnered with this innovative clinical business to create and establish the Paxman Scalp Cooling brand as the Global leader.

Our original remit was to change the perception from that of a haircare brand to a clinical pioneer changing the lives of thousands of Cancer patients. In 2019 the brand won a silver Design Effectiveness Award.

Key Business Challenges

Drive market growth and consumer ‘pull’.

How might we increase awareness of Scalp Cooling?

Gaining investment to enter the US market.

How might we define the right proposition for investors?

Change the perception of scalp cooling to clinical rather than aesthetic.

How might we highlight the evidence-based science?

Brand Process
Insight workshops to understand the business and its values

- Workshops with the entire team
- Video interviews with patients
- Being the user - experiencing the system
- Competitor analysis
- Sales and customer journey mapping
- Defining purpose, principles and personality
- Reframing the brand proposition

Brand Strategy
The pioneers in scalp cooling

Brand purpose.
Changing the face of cancer.

Brand principles.
Deliver your very best and be ready to adapt.
Approach the day with positivity and pride.
Our decisions are made with the patient at heart.
One global family makes the difference.
Keep your feet on the ground and your heart on your sleeve.

Brand personality.
Passionate. Precise. Personal.

Brand Identity
A compelling, world-class brand.

- Design and development of digital platforms for audience groups including clinicians, patients, and investors.
- Comprehensive suite of clinical and patient-facing literature.
- Creation of ‘Paxman pioneers’ patient advocates network.
- Detailed animated content to explain the science behind scalp cooling.
- Brand implementation across all major customer touchpoints including comprehensive visual identity guidelines.

Paxman Annual Report Visual One
Paxman Annual Report
Brand Impact

- US growth increased 465% in 12 months.
- Global turnover doubled in 3 years.
- Awareness of Scalp Cooling increased from 9% to 25%.
- US Export Return on design investment 23:1.
- Total Return on design investment 35:1.
- Staff numbers increased from 15 to 40.
- The company gained 440 new shareholders
- Design has now become embedded in the business.

Changing the face of cancer

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It's a SILVER!

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