Strategic branding for inclusive sports business  

Making sports inclusive.
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Brand Project Overview
Designing physical activities without boundaries.

Lou Assouin and Sue Morrison are passionate about inclusivity in sports for children and young people with disabilities. Since 2006, they have been working together to deliver coaching and support to these young people in their homes, in sports venues and in schools. It is often the case that many disabled children are not fully included in physical education, which detrimentally affects their physical and mental wellbeing and can lead to loneliness and feelings of ‘being left out’ with no one to talk to.

Our strategic branding for inclusive sports business LUSU has helped them to make a tangible difference to families across the UK. 

Key Business Challenges

They were struggling to protect their intellectual property.

How can we create an identifiable and established brand?

They were struggling to articulate the breadth of their offer in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

How do we segment their offer to make it easy to understand?

They had big ambitions to create change but were struggling to communicate this.

How could we position their identity to match their ambition?

Brand process
Observation of their educational sessions.
  • In-depth strategy workshop
  • Defining their purpose, principles and personality
  • Reframing the brand proposition
  • New brand identity, brand naming, website and associated communications materials
Brand Strategy
Learning United, Sports Unlimited

Brand purpose.
LUSU exist to transform the lives of children with disabilities and their families

Brand proposition.
LUSU design physical activities without boundaries.

Brand principles.
Every day we make a difference. 
Enjoy our work and bring spark to our audiences.
Confident in our knowledge, driven by our passion.
Unafraid to tell our stories. 
Empathic, supportive and safe.

“LUSU transform the lives of children with disabilities and their families. We do this by training people to work with them on inclusive sport and physical activity that in turn impacts mental health and wellbeing”.
Brand Identity
Learning United, Sports Unlimited
  • New visual identity, incorporating a character to connect with the audience
  • A bold and exciting colour palette
  • Product sub-branding for LUSUkit
  • Scoping, designing and building a new e-commerce website
  • Digital brand guidelines
  • Document templates

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