Strategic rebrand for PR agency

Uncovering the spark that makes a difference.
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Scriba PR is a strategic, B2B communications agency – renowned for its technical expertise in sectors ranging from waste and recycling to technology and telecoms.
However, when the company’s growth trajectory continued to advance at pace as it headed into its eighth year of operations, a lack of space and time to perfect its own identity, became apparent. Our Strategic rebrand for this PR agency sparked a change...
Strategic rebrand for PR agency Scriba.
  • Key challenges behind the change
    A successful business whose brand 
    had not kept pace with its rapid growth.
    How could we articulate what makes them different?
  • Key Business Challenges
    A proposition that did not reflect 
    the breadth of the company’s offer.
    How might they tell this story?
  • Key Business Challenges
    Struggling to articulate what made 
    them different.
    How can we help define their values?
  • Key Business Challenges
    A ‘tired’ website that was not 
    reflecting the vibrant and passionate personality of the business.
    How might their personality be represented?
Our process of change
16 team members engaged
10 customers interviewed
  • Reviewed the competition in a very busy market
  • Stakeholder mapping, one minute pitch.
  • Future mapping
The change we made
Defining purpose.
Creating an impactful, conversational
brand with a playful tone of voice.
Grey top bars
Strategic rebrand for PR agency
Reframing, naming and visualising the processes behind Scriba.
  • We defined and  named their process SENSE - Making sense of the complex
  • Bringing life to Scriba SOUL through reframed brand principles and visualised
    in the Scriba book of SOUL.
  • Defined what makes Scriba different - the Scriba Spark.
Evolution of the Scriba brand.

Strategic rebrand for healthtech business.

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