High Streets Task Force
Redefining the high street.
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Set against a backdrop of economic decline, UK high streets face significant challenges.
Increases in online retail and the change in consumer habits following Covid-19 have contributed to shops closing and towns left with empty retail spaces. In 2019 Manchester Metropolitan University’s Institute of Place Management (IPM) were awarded an £8.6 million contract by the government to lead the task force (named High Streets Task Force) and to deliver support to local authorities and communities
  • Key Business Challenges
    A brand that needed to resonate with the needs of multiple stakeholders.
    How should they be positioned?
  • Key Business Challenges
    A complex and ‘new’ offer that needed to be clear and compelling.
    How might this be communicated and remain compelling?
  • Key Business Challenges
    Rapid turnaround to deliver the brand.
    What is achievable in this time period?
Our process
Multi-stakeholder engagement across 13 private and public sector partner organisations
  • Proposition workshops across stakeholder groups
  • Competitive research
  • A messaging platform that built on their action-oriented focus
  • Strategy recommendations on how the brand would communicate with such a wide and diverse range of partners involved
  • A three-level tier system to reflect partner, collaborator and client-levels.
  • Comprehensive brand guidelines
High Street Task Force Brand Messaging
The Change
Defined proposition
The High Streets Task Force is an alliance of placemaking experts. We provide the encouragement, tools, skills and training that communities and local government need to transform their high streets.
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HSTF Brand Icons
A set of principles and personality for the brand that led to a tone of voice which is informed by: We are Action-oriented. We are Bold. We are Trusted. We are Tenacious. We are Open. We are Inspiring.
HSTF Roller Banners Design
A ‘High Street’ messaging device allows us to paint an aspirational picture of what the high street could be.
Comprehensive templates and guidance on how to utilise the grid system in digital and print formats. W3C accessibility standards were adhered to throughout.

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