Design Process

We think with the head and deliver from the heart.
Our design process is engineered for businesses and designed for growth. Every workshop, every conversation, every pixel is committed to your commercial benefit. Committed to the craft of design.

It’s a collaborative design process tailored around you and your team. It combines methods and people, business and design thinking, strategy and creative. It makes a powerful impact that delivers meaningful, measurable, positive change.

And it’s immersive. In-person, online, or a hybrid of the two, our design thinking workshops focus on the experience and the outcomes.

Outcomes that are carefully tracked and managed, with project management tools like to keep your team up to date, monitor deadlines and stay on track.

What our clients say about our process…
“The Engine Room asked such seemingly simple questions, during their time with us. But the more time they spent with us, the more I realised how equally passionate they were about our venture. They were soaking up more and more of our world, with a level of patience you just don’t expect from an external party. I was blown away.”
Sue Morrison, LUSU founder.
“The Engine Room’s workshops were so stimulating for the senior team and the wider workforce, that we felt a return on investment just after the workshops!”
Helen Selka, Reliance.
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“We were very impressed with the way The Engine Room presented, but most importantly how they interpreted our needs.”
Richard Paxman, CEO.
“One of the great things about this project is that it helped to define a vision developed by the whole team, for the whole team. Colleagues – and customers – feel more invested in what we’re about, because they have had a stake in mapping out our future. The rebrand was the most talked about story for Vapour, in the eight years since we were formed, and the stats on our website and social media channels, evidence that.”
Carol McGrotty, Head of transformation, Vapour
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“The new brand has undeniable punch. Our new colours have vibrant, stand-out presence, with the vivid pink and yellow now translating across everything. The new strapline – 'It’s interventional' – provides a clever messaging platform that works incredibly well, emphasising that we’re here to build relationships and deliver solutions that make a difference, not just supply products. We’ve done so much with this language, and there’s still an unbelievable amount of potential which is brilliant, as we’ll never stand still.”
Louise Aaron, Director, UK Medical
“The Engine Room took the whole company on a collaborative and fun brand journey and we just love the result”
Zandra Moore, Panintelligence CEO
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“When it came to entrusting an external party with the future of our brand, there is nobody else we would have turned to, other than The Engine Room. They approached the project with the perfect blend of empathy, humour and inquisitiveness, challenging us to push our thinking at all times. We are so proud of our new identity, both visually and in terms of how everyone within the business now talks about Scriba. It couldn’t be more ‘us’ if we tried.”
Katie Mallinson, MD, Scriba PR
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Redefining the identity for a European disruptor.

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The evolving measurement of design effectiveness.

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